If you haven't realized it yet, the world has become addicted to smartphones, creating a mobile universe. Everywhere we look, literally everywhere we look, we see people with their heads down and eyes devoted to their smartphone. The time we spend using our smartphones and mobile apps is growing minute by minute. In fact, more searches take place on mobile devices today than on laptops and desktops combined. (Google) and sad, but true, 87% of people always have their smartphone at their side, day, and night.  (Device-atlas), and 1 in 10 people actually check their phones during sex. (Google) 

So the question is, how are you connecting with your customer BEFORE, DURING and AFTER they become your customer? What is your business providing to these users on a mobile platform?



aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty

A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

With Moxxie Marketing, you can turn your business into an Augmented experience for your clients and the rest of the world. This technology is being engaged with by millions and is certainly where the world is going. Don’t get behind the ball… stay in front of it.



Reaching your A+ targeted audience is quite possible to accomplish in our digital age. Managing your marketing budget to focus on acquiring those consumers that are 80%, or more, likely to want, need or buy your product is what digital marketing is all about. The entire concept behind digital marketing is building efficient strategies that bring your business the best quality leads for the right ROI.

At Moxxie Marketing, we thrive ourselves on building out these campaigns for our clients. Often several tiers and levels deep, our digital campaigns require our entire team to activate and engage our individual and group skills to ensure our digital marketing strategies work.



We believe in empowering our clients to understand and learn the digital components needed in marketing their business online. This requires giving you the information and education you need to build your own digital campaigns, refreshing your own websites, giving you the tools to understand certain social requirements and so much more.

One of the qualities our clients love about Moxxie Marketing is our desire in giving you the tools you need to do the things we know you can do. Therefore allowing us to be as useful as possible when it comes to managing and creating solutions for the things you cannot do.

We do not believe in enabling our clients. We would rather empower you to learn the simple things, so you can lean on us for the bigger projects.

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Moxxie Magazine is a local, monthly community magazine delivered right to your home for free! We feature local people so that you can get to know the story behind the person!

You can also pick up the magazine at select businesses including MAST GENERAL STORE on Main Street in Waynesville. They are a premium distribution location!

Our magazine comes to life by using Augmented Reality. Download the Zappar App and experience print in a new way!

We are always looking for new ideas or people to highlight in our magazine. Share with us you ideas! If you are interested in being in the magazine, just give us a call!

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Social Media Marketing is truly designed to give an injection into your business. These campaigns are built with algorithms, tiers, layers and data bases that are indisputable and designed to provide quick and tangible results that will continue to flow into your business over time, even after the campaigns have expired. They are designed to put you in the direction you need to be in, to place you in front of your most ideal audience and engage them enough to get LIKES, TWEETS, WALK-IN TRAFFIC, WEB SALES, NEW CUSTOMERS, REFERRED BUSINESS, etc.  

With the complexities and recent media coverage about social media platforms stealing information, the algorithms and conditions have changed and continue to change almost daily. Using a marketing firm like Moxxie Marketing takes the guessing out of the game and puts your business where it needs to be to be seen.



Active and energized consumers engage with video content 1200% MORE TIMES than with photos and content combined? It is the way of the now and the long distant future. Video marketing is so much fun and is personal-able and real. It allows for a story to be told, and we as a society, love stories. Video has the depth to sooth customers by telling that story, allowing that potential customer to get a close distance feel of who they may be doing business with. Video marketing stomps on the more traditional text (content) and image (photo) based marketing techniques we are now accustomed to. 



Is your business looking for a print make-over? Perhaps you are in need of a label or cover for a product. Our professional photo shoots cover still shots of your property, photos of you and your team, your home for sale and anything in between. Our photos are for digital usage as well as print marketing.



Does your business need a new look online, or perhaps your business needs a website refresh? Either way, we all know that our companies websites are the 24/7 storefront window that is always open, and that first impressions are the most important. We love building and refreshing/updating websites for our small to medium sized businesses and we can usually complete a project in 14 business days.

Feel free to take a look at some of our clients websites that we have built by clicking here.


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