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Nikki White, President & CEO

With more than 22 years in the sales and marketing industry, Nikki saw a niche for marketing support and direction for small and medium sized businesses across rural America. In 2017, she left her corporate job and started Moxxie Marketing, LLC©.

PHONE: 828.734.1257



Natali, Assistant & Social Media Guru

Natali is a college graduate with a degree in marketing. She has a focus on social media campaigns, customer acquisition and client retention. She brings life and entertainment to our office and client base every day.

PHONE: 828.734.4560



Molly Boyce, Design

Molly has a BFA in Art Education, with a concentration in Painting & Drawing and an AAS in Graphic Design & Advertising. In 2015, she left corporate and joined forces with Nikki in 2017, where their focus is on helping small to medium businesses.

PHONE: 828.246.6667



Jennifer Allen, Sales

Jennifer has been a very welcomed addition to the team. Having over 17 years of advertising sales experience, she is passionate about helping clients reach their advertising and marketing potential. She is a mom to 1 daughter, 1 dog, and 2 pigs. We love her energy and fun loving nature!

PHONE: 828.646.0785



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