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View the people that make Haywood County so unique and special in the exclusive Discover Haywood publication. Meet the business owners, the musicians, the artists and everyone that is Moxxie enough to be found here. Get to know Haywood County through the pages of Discover Haywood. 


In the digital space that we live in, being found and staying relative is the goal for every business. Providing great customer support with your own business app could be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition and makes you more desirable at the point of purchase.


Social media platforms are like marriages. They have to be engaged with regularly in order to be successful. Blogging is another animal that needs to be fed. Energized consumers engage with video 1200% more than they do with photos and content together. It can be overwhelming. We can help.

“100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business.”

~Simon Sinek, #socialmediaLCS


We believe:

"People do business with people. First impressions are the most important. With Moxxie publications, such as Discover Haywood, we believe in showcasing the people behind the name of the business. Let their image set your first impression."

~ Nikki White, Moxxie President